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Powerliting: 2011 APF Texas Cup Write Up

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Heading into the APF Texas Cup, I felt stronger, bigger, and confident than ever.  Then, there was the unknown; REST.  To make a long story short, 2 major events (Lucas Orosco’s MMA Fight and The APF Texas Cup) were scheduled with-in 15 hours of each other, which were supposed to be 8 days from each other.

A huge congratulation goes out to Austin Simply Fit’s own Lucas Orosco for winning his second fight and remaining undefeated in MMA action.  The fight was in Humble, TX, and the powerlifting meet was in Waxahachie, TX.

After a combined total of 8 hours driving and only 5 hours of sleep, I started warming-up for the squat at about 11:00.  All of the usual weights felt fine until I did 495.  At that point, I realized that this may be a long day.  The opening attempt for the squat was 600, and I grinded it out as if I was taking my third attempt.

Unfortunately, it was my first one, and it would be my only successful attempt as 660 held me down the following two tries.  To this day, I cannot shake the echoes of “your performance will be at least 10% less if you are dehydrated and/or not rested,” by Adrien Paczosa of ILivewell Nutrition Therapy.

Moving onto the bench press, her words continued to ring true.  I was feeling weaker than usual.  The first attempt was 407, and the third attempt was also 407.   The first was stalled. The second dipped a little, and then I was able to lock it out. The third attempt soared as if it was an opening weight.  Oh, wait a minute, it was an opening weight.  Paczosa’s 10% rule wins again, as I was predicting 445 on the bench press.  At his moment, I was wondering why I had even showed us to lift.

Competition and beating the odds are exactly why I registered.  There were some extenuating circumstances that assisted in the subpar performances on the first two lifts, but I managed to find a fire and desire for what I was doing.  Now, I have had 4-32 ounce bottles of Gatorade and as many ounces of water.

I stepped to the platform for an opening deadlift of 500 and ripped it clean.  Determined to break a personal record, I asked for 567, which was 5 pounds more than my previous competition best pull.  Again, with little effort, it was a solid lift.

600, was a number that has beaten me the last 2 competitions.  It has left me hanging just above the knees each time.  I called for it, bound and determined, and I smoked it.  The silver lining was added to the dark cloud that hung around all morning.  Apparently, the 10% hydration and rule has solid evidence and proof, since my numbers reflect exact percentages.

To sum it up, it was a fairly solid day under the bar, and I know that there is a lot more potential left.  It’s time to re-evaluate training, nutrition, and recovery in order to get ready for the next meet in San Antonio December 17th.

A huge thanks to all of my corporate sponsors:  Austin Simply Fit, CryoStudio of Austin, Muscle and Brawn, iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy, and Athlete’s HoneyMilk.

Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers is an amateur powerlifter. Visit him on the Muscle and Brawn Forum, or check out his Youtube channel.

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