2009 Natural Ohio Bodybuilding and Figure Championship Results

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Official results from the 2009 Natural Ohio Bodybuilding and Figure Championships held on April 4th, 2009.

Men Overall Winner. Luric Edison

Heavyweight Winner. Joey Walter

Light heavyweight Winner. Luric Edison

Middleweight Winner. Vernon Williams

Welterweight Winner. Chris Lawrence

Lightweight Winner. Marcus Cooper

Bantamweight Winner. Dan Mangold

Junior Men. David Turk

Teen Overall. Scott Parkes

Teen 18-19. Scott parkes

Teen under 18. Gabe Rizzo

Masters 40+ Heavyweight. Dave Capitano

40+ Overall. Chris Lawrence

40+ Lightweight. Chris Lawrence

50+ Heavyweight. Pete Solhan

50+ Overall. Calvin Miles

50+ Lightweight. Calvin Miles

Women’s Overall Winner. Toni West

Women Heavyweight. Toni West

Women Lightweight. Susan Maloney

Women 35+. Susan Maloney

Figure Overall Winner. Stephanie Blocker

Figure Class A. Kandy Ridinger

Figure Class B. Majijana Sabez

Figure Class C. Stephanie Blocker

Figure Class D. Faith Phillabaum

Masters Figure Overall. Stephanie Blocker

Figure 35+. Stephanie Blocker

Figure 40+. Faith Phillabaum

Figure 50+. Cat Axvig

Bikini. Tanya McCort

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