2009 Mr. Olympia Prejudging First Callouts Gallery


2009 Mr. Olympia Prejudging First Callouts Gallery.

See the full 2009 Mr. Olympia Prejudging callout gallery.


Jay Cutler and Kai Greene have the mass, but Dexter has the lines. Looks like Dexter Jackson will be the 2009 Mr. Olympia. Kai Greene’s pecs look awesome in this picture. Jay Cutler’s abs are still the same old same old, and he still looks blocky compared to Dexter and Kai.


Kai Greene looks amazing in this image. His combination of mass and aesthetics is tough to beat.


Looking at this photo is like playing the old Sesame Street game, which one doesn’t belong. Two great backs to the left, one weak back to the right.


Another amazing photo of Dexter Jackson. Dexter is the man!


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  • chinmoy Nov 17,2009 at 5:59 am

    very rocking

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