2003 Mr. Olympia Results

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1      Ronnie Coleman
2      Jay Cutler
3      Dexter Jackson
4      Dennis James
5      Gunter Schlierkamp
6      Kevin Levrone
7      Darrem Charles
8      Troy Alves
9      Melvin Anthony
10      Ernie Taylor
11      Johnnie O Jackson
12      Rodney St Cloud
13      Art Atwood
14      Claude Groulx
15      Lee Priest
16      Jonathon Davie

Place Name Country
Overall Winner – Ronnie Coleman
1 Ronnie Coleman* USA
2 Jay Cutler* USA
3 Dexter Jackson* USA
4 Dennis James* USA
5 Gunter Schlierkamp* Germany
6 Kevin Levrone* USA
7 Darrem Charles Trinidad and Tobago
8 Troy Alves USA
9 Melvin Anthony USA
10 Ernie Taylor England
11 Johnnie Jackson USA
12 Rodney St. Cloud USA
13 Art Atwood USA
14 Claude Groulx Canada
15 Lee Priest Australia
16 Jonathon Davie Australia

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