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2 Day Muscle Building Workout: Gains on Limited Time

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We each run into periods of our life where we simply don’t have time to live in the gym. I’ve seen many guys quit lifting completely during these periods, thinking there was no point in only training a few days per week.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of quitting and losing all your good progress, find a way to sneak in 2 hours of training each week.

I designed the following muscle building program to take up only 2 days per week, one hour per session including warmup sets. Despite the limited amount of time you are in the gym, this program is quite challenging.

Rest at least 2 days in between sessions. Here is a sample training schedule:

  • Wednesday – Workout #1
  • Saturday – Workout #2
Workout #1
Fullbody Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
 Squats  2  20
 Bench Press  3  8
 Barbell Rows  3  8
 Side Laterals  3  10
 Cable Tricep Extensions  2  10
 Leg Curls  3  10
 Dumbbell Curls  2  8
 Weighted Sit Ups  2  20
Workout #1
Fullbody Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
 Deadlift  2  5
 Military Press  3  8
 Leg Press  3  20
 Dumbbell Flyes  3  10
 Skullcrushers  2  10
 Lat Pull Downs  3  10
 Hammer Curls  2  8
 Seated Calf Raise  2  20

Workout Notes

Weight – For a given exercise, use the same weight for each set. This will help streamline your lifting, reducing downtime between sets by not changing plates.

Progression – When you can comfortably perform each of the sets using a given weight, add weight to the bar the next time you perform that exercise. For example, let’s sat you are using 200 pounds on squats for 2 sets of 20 reps. When you can complete both sets without feeling like you were close to failure on the last several reps, add weight.

Rest – Each workout has 20 sets per day. To get this workout done in about an hour’s time you will need to limit rest between sets to 90-120 seconds for most exercises. Take a little longer between sets of squats and deadlifts.

Here are some rest recommendations:

  • Squats – 3 minutes between sets
  • Deadlifts – 3 minutes between sets
  • Pressing – 90 seconds between sets
  • Rows – 90 seconds between sets
  • Leg Press – 60 seconds between sets
  • Triceps – 30 seconds between sets
  • Curls – 30 seconds between sets
  • Lat Pull Down, Side Laterals and Flyes – 45 seconds between sets
  • Leg Curls – 30 seconds between sets
  • Abs and Calves – 30 seconds between sets
Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is the primary content writer for Muscle and Brawn.
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    I was searching for full body workout routine and finally I got here. Very nice article and I’m going to follow this exercise routine from tomorrow. Thanks alot M&B

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