1997 Mr. Olympia Results

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1      Dorian Yates
2      Nasser El Sonbaty
3      Shawn Ray
4      Kevin Levrone
5      Paul Dillett
6      Lee Priest
7      Jean Pierre Fux
8      Chris Cormier
9      Ronnie Coleman
10      Milos Sarcev
11      Michael Francois
12      Charles Clairmonte
13      Mike Matarazzo

Place Name Country
1 Dorian Yates England
2 Nasser El Sonbaty Yugoslavia
3 Shawn Ray USA
4 Kevin Levrone USA
5 Paul Dillett Canada
6 Lee Priest Australia
7 Jean-Pierre Fux Switzerland
8 Chris Cormier USA
9 Ronnie Coleman USA
10 Milos Sarcev Yugoslavia
11 Mike Francois USA
12 Charles Clairmonte Barbados
13 Mike Matarazzo USA
Wthdr Flex Wheeler USA

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