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10/20/Life’s Brian Carroll Talks Powerlifting

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Build strength beyond your wildest dreams with Brian Carroll’s best-selling training book 10/20/Life.

Powerlifting is a great sport for anyone to compete in whether you are an elite athlete or someone who is interested in beating their personal records.

If you are serious about powerlifting, you know that it demands a lot from your body. Brian is no nutritionist but he knows what works for powerlifters.

Below, Brian discusses carb back-loading for powerlifters.

You want to get started in powerlifting and want to hire a coach to help? Maybe you know how to train but would like to have someone help you with form and get you using your leverages to your advantage.

Either way, check out Carroll’s video on how to pick the correct coach.

Whether you get a coach or train on your own, picking a program and sticking with it is important. There are many popular programs out there and sometimes those programs progresses slowly before you start to see results.

Don’t program jump just because the results are slow at first.

Below, Brian explains how any program can work.

When it comes to planning out a powerlifting meet, two crucial things to plan is your meet strategy and your attempt selection.

It’s important to know what you’re going to attempt at the meet and cover all of the details beforehand so you can keep your focus and attention on the meet.

Here’s some words of wisdom about coming up with a meet strategy and your attempt selection.

Now that we have your nutrition, coaching, programming, and meet strategy figured out, here are a couple of videos giving you some tips on deadlifts and squats.

If you are thinking about getting into geared lifting or already lift in gear, you can never learn too many tips and tricks.

Knee wraps are an essential piece of equipment I believe everyone should have in their gym bag. Wrapping knees can suck if you are by yourself, but check this demonstration video out on how the elite have their knees wrapped.

Shirted benching is technical and having the right shirt with a proper fit is important. Check out this video explaining a tip on pinching the back sleeve of your shirt for a better fit.

I’ve watched many lifters go through having to reset their straps on their squat suits, this next video explains a little trick Brian uses to help adjust his squat suit without having to go through an extra 4 steps to get ready. If you squat in a suit this is a must-watch video.

I saved what I thought was the most important piece of information last, maintaining a training and life balance. We always hear how important it is to have a work and life balance, but what about a balance between training and life?

We’ve all had times where we fully involve ourselves in training and that’s all we think and talk about for months at a time. Stop and think about the people around you and how this affects them.

Article courtesy of Cutty Strength.

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw is the primary content writer for Muscle and Brawn.

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