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10 Reasons Stuart McRobert Can Go Fuck Himself

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His entire training philosophy, from his Brawn books, to Lose Fat, Get Fit, to his myriad articles, centers around the central premise of fear. McRobert is afraid of overtraining. He’s afraid of “dangerous exercises”. He’s afraid of injury. He’s afraid of cameras (has anyone EVER seen a picture of this “guru”?) He’s probably afraid of a litany of other things as well, but I’ve no interest in enumerating the lot of them. The main problem with this first point, other than the glaring issue of the fact that he’s a massive, bloody vagina, is the fact that he’s been able to spread his disgusting tripe all over bookstores and the Internet for going on 20 years, leaving a pile of slack-jawed pussies, lowered testosterone levels, and heightened serum cortisol levels in his wake. As such, he can go fuck himself.


McRobert has espoused that everyone train within their genetic potential for the entirety of his career. There are some obvious problems with this approach- namely, it automatically sets arbitrary limits and assumes failure, fails to give an adequate standard by which one could gauge one’s level of genetic fitness for bodybuilding, predicates his approach on a system of somatotyping that was abandoned and ridiculed by every single accredited person in the medical community decades ago, and apparently never heard of the idea that ontogenic adaptation and evolution occurs. Thus, he’s either willfully ignorant of reality, or is deliberately utilizing the public forum he has built to deliberately mislead people. He should begin fucking himself, stat.


Though he coined this term, he at no point demonstrated conclusively a manner by which one could objectively determine one’s self to be one, thereby creating legions of pasty-faced assholes who will blather on about being hardgainers simply because they’ve never trained hard a day in their lives, their diets suck shit, they don’t squat or deadlift, and they think a workout routine consists of milling about Nautilus equipment for 45 minutes a day, three times a week. McRobert and his legions of hardgainers can go fuck themselves- they’re pussies though, so it won’t be the epic, Max Hardcore fucking they deserve.


What the fuck should be safe about training? If one’s life is not in imminent peril, where’s one’s motivation to lift a given weight? Furthermore, what the fuck is fun about being safe? What kid likes to wear a helmet when he rides a bike? What person likes to drive at or below the posted speed limit? What person likes watered-down alcohol? What person wants to box their friends wearing adequate protective gear? I’ll tell you who- desperately boring, testosterone-deficient, slack-jawed pussies who fear innovation, vibrance, and anything interesting, and who wouldn’t know a good time if ten topless, big-tittied sluts in micro-mini jean skirts awakened them from a dead sleep with the promise of 6 weeks of nonstop oral pleasure and drunken fisticuffs. The type of person who’s favorite color is beige and thinks that Barry Manilow is acceptable music to fuel a lifting session. You know who doesn’t like safe training? Anyone who wants to win a lifting competition, succeed in life, snap necks and cash checks, bend a chick over the counter at Denny’s in front of a bevy of startled onlookers and then smile for the camera phones clicking away while wondering the name of the chick he’s penetrating. Angry, misanthropic, tattooed and goateed people who think that Godsmack is easy-listening music and who could total elite without gear, half asleep, and recovering from the flu, that’s who. Both safety and Stuart McRobert can go fuck themselves.


McRobert posted a “Ten Commandments” online, ostensibly to further fuck with the hearts and minds of bodybuilding aficionados everywhere, in which three of his commandments are “Weight train no more than three times a week”, “Don’t skimp on warmup sets”, and “Do no more than 20 work sets per workout (not per body part, per workout!).” Bereft of explanation, these statements hardly require any, as any attempt at elucidation would only highlight further his myriad shortcomings and illogic. As anyone who lifts knows the Bulgarians are all brutally strong, Olympic Gold medal snatching, muscular motherfuckers from a nation so shit-poor and awful that in spite of the fact that it’s located right next to the über-shithole Turkey, its population is actually decreasing as its population goes anywhere else. The Bulgarians are hardly known for being a physically powerful people, yet in spite of their seeming genetic shortfall, they’ve amassed huge numbers of Olympic medals by virtue of the fact that they train harder than everyone. Bulgarians train 6 days a week, for 6 to 8 hours a day, most of which is 85% of their one rep max or greater. Thus, they’re doing “unsafe” exercises with hideously “unsafe” weights, for exponentially greater amounts of time than the wise Mr. McRobert suggests. Furthermore, according to Leo Costa, they barely warm up at all. Thus, they are living proof that McRobert is a pussy, and he should go fuck himself.



He thinks that a man of average height (which we’ll assume is 5’10”), at “”just” 190 pounds and 10% bodyfat will drop the jaws of almost everyone,” and that such a physique “would have won you big contests 40+ years ago.” This statement is patently absurd, for a wide variety of reasons. First, bodybuilders of the 1980s and 1990s were, by and large, well over 190 lbs, with the exception of perhaps Flavio Baccianini. He was practically a fucking midget however, so that hardly counts. Second, 10% bodyfat, for anyone under 280 lbs, is hardly impressive. Thus, McRobert sets the bar low and encourages his trainees to aim lower, due to their genetics. Stuart McRobert and genetics can go fuck themselves.


McRobert advocates the consumption of less than one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Given that most paleolithic dieting authors, who are hardly bodybuilding enthusiasts, advocate protein consumption in excess of this, McRobert is an ass. If humans in the wild readily consume up to 65% (according to Loren Codain) of their daily calories in the form of protein, it stands to reason that modern trainees should do, at the very least, the same. Apparently, McRobert thinks that he knows better, in spite of the fact that he couldn’t match any Paleolithic human in any contest of strength or endurance. I’m sure there’s a bisexual Paleolithic man somewhere on the planet who wouldn’t mind helping ol’ Stu go fuck himself.


McRobert actually typed the following words: “While it seems to be easier, at least for some people, to build strength on infrequent training schedules where a given exercise or bodypart is trained less often than once a week, many people seem to need a bit more frequency-twice every 7-10 days or so per bodypart, though not necessarily the same frequency for each area-in order to produce muscle growth.” That just happened. Who get better at something by doing less of it? The answer: NO-FUCKING-ONE. If you think HIT is the answer, it’s because you’re less of a man than RuPaul and you think that training might give you ugly, big muscles. You shouldn’t be reading this site- you should be on an anorexic-friendly site wherein everyone cheers you on while you starve yourself. No one has ever gotten better or bigger by doing less of anything, unless you’re a circus fat man or you were doing way too much of the wrong fucking thing, and you started doing the right thing. McRobert and infrequent training advocates can go fuck themselves ever 7-10 days. Fucking retards.


McRobert recommends you eschew singles, doubles, and triples, because you might get hurt! God forfuckingbid you get stronger, but you might hurt yourself in the process. Apparently having never even heard of the stock market, or being a sole advocate of low risk/low yield mutual funds, McRobert thinks that lifting like the biggest pussy of all time will make you slightly stronger, very slowly. While he’s very slowly getting stronger, he can very slowly ease his own cock into his ass and go fuck himself. No fucking risk, no goddamned reward. Go big, or get the fuck out of the gym and let the men handle the lifting.


Oh yeah? Ever seen Andy Bolton dead 1000+? I have, and the very last thing that was employed was a flat back. Certainly, in training, it’s something to which one should aspire, but when you’re busting ass, Brooks Kubik and Andy Bolton both agree- GET THE FUCKING WEIGHT OFF THE GROUND, AND FUCK YOUR LOWER BACK. McRobert and his bitch-ass lower back can go fuck themselves.

If you found this article offensive, feel free to go fuck yourself. You probably lack the mental acuity to understand the points I’ve made, the courage to anally rape yourself, or the strength to take yourself by force, but I still wholeheartedly encourage you to fuck yourself good and hard. Just be careful to make it an abbreviated session, as you wouldn’t want to overtrain.

Jamie Lewis is a professional asshole who maintains the wildly popular strength training and nutrition blog “ChAoS and PAIN” at chaosandpain.blogspot.com whenever he’s not at the gym throwing around massive weights or standing in the mall mocking the mentally and physically deficient.

10 Reasons Stuart McRobert Can Go Fuck Himself, 2.4 out of 5 based on 27 ratings


  1. Stuart Mc Roberts Book is not only one of the best strength training and budybuilding advice books its one of the best books about training written EVER in Sports history. Yes this is just my opinion but I am not the only one by far. It is better then Starting Strength and anything in the field (although some of the exercises are better described in Starting Strength then in his other book).

    It work for 90 % of the people if not more!

    There is a certain amount of genetically gifted or drug using trainees who will limit themselves with the conservative approach of Stuart and might be better advised to follow other advice

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  2. It is easy for those with superior genetics for muscle building to think that there is no such thing as a hardgainer.
    I just so happens to have superior genetics in running.
    I went from running 4 miles in 33 minutes to running 4 miles in under 24 during a three month summer period.
    This was without any coaching. I just never realized that this was just a genetic predisposition. I could have quit smoking cigarettes and continued passed my summer “experiment” and tried to keep improving my 4 mile running time. Coaches took note and wanted to take me under their wing. I declined due to a necessary full time job to commit to keeping up this hard work past the 3 summer months.
    I took up weight training the next summer and found that me propensity for improvement in running didn’t carry over to muscle building. I continued to pump iron for 5 years and could not double my strength.
    Without adding any further length to this post. Yes, genetics is really a huge factor.

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  3. Your article is garbage. Following Stuart’s advice I’ve advanced to 2x body weight in the DL my first 6 months of barbell training. I coached my friend with the same principles I read in his books and he’s gone from 185lbs x 6 on the deadlift to over 425lbs x 6, with a 340×6 squat.

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  4. I have been a personal trainer since before the term was thought of, I have trained hundreds of body builders, stuart mcroberts, simply knows his stuff, I have seen the jamies of bodybuilding, the macho
    ill informed morons, who have no insight, I have looked through this site, just garbage info, reminds me of weiders flex and muscle and fitness, giving out advice while using steroids, and seriously expecting people
    to listen to this horse shit, why the hell is he attacking mcrobert anyway?? people only attack out of fear,
    im not big fan of mcrobert, but hes a intelligent guy, so buckle up Jamie, accept the fact you have a small dick and grow up.

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  5. I think the writer of this article is the one who should Fuck himself. McRoberts is one of the most knowlegable writers out thier. Thanks to his advice myself and some guys in the gym have gotten great results,and asolid foundation! You are just trying to get people to your website and sell your products. thanks to McRoberts I weigh a solid 230lbs. you are the reason some novices quit. You suck and so does your website!

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  6. Really? Someone can’t write with humour and big words without everyone putting him down. Jamie Lewis is hilariously talented, and has proven with his other work on his website that fear of heavy lifting and overtraining holds most people back from their potential gains. Just look around you next time you go to your gym, people on cell phones or, talking with other members or, starring like a zombie at the TV’s between reps for more than 5 minutes. Come on!! His messege is simply work hard with intensity, don’t skip workouts for any reason, and maybe, just maybe, you can work through joint pain and ohter nagging injuries and make some progress. Jamie Lewis is a Godsend. Forever Chaos and Pain!!

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  7. just read this guy’s article, or whatever you want to call it. Ok, first, this isn’t s Stallone movie, or an old mafia movie…..so ending every sentence with dropping the f bomb does NOT solidify your shit statements. Second, maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see any stats or numbers of this fowl mouthed waste of batter. How strong are you and what is your experience? Maybe I am wrong and your a ranked powerlifter or ifbb pro, maybe I should shut my mouth, but I doubt it. Third, bolton DID yank that 1000+ with a slight arch…..but you think he trains that way everyday. It’s all about perfecting your technique(which is a big thing in mcroberts beliefs). I’ve powerlifted for yrs. You train got technique, but meet day, you go out there and you sacrifice your body, bottom line. I don’t think mr bolton is gonna bail on a wr pull because he isn’t willing to use some extra forces from going a little balistic and yanking till his balls fall off. Ain’t gonna look pretty all the time. But I bet you watch his training demos (I haven’t honestly) and I’m willing to bet the bar flies up with Damn near prefect razor like perfection everyrep. Lastly, i stumbled onto brawn very early in my lifting experience. Although I haven’t really stuck to everything he preaches, I do think the foundation he enstills does make a ton of sense. If you could open any muscle magazine, pretty much every reader would shrink and over train from the crazy routines they publish. Ive tried them all over the yrs. They look appealing. But, my foundation has always been sensible, cycled training, even less intense then mcroberts advise. I can’t squat more than 2x month, or bench more than every other week either. Yet, cycling my training led me to a near 500 raw bench, a +600 squat, a mid 600 pull. Ive bent rowed 4plates, militaried 315 for reps on a Smith. Dipped with 4 plates. Now, I didn’t all this at weighing around 230-240. I weigh a little less now 225. I sorted down and competed in light heavies in an npc state show. Win overall novice. I speak from experience and truth. I don’t know everything, but I think SOME people respond to crazy routines with tons of training and less rest…..but I think those people would probably grow even MORE if they trained “smarter”. Just my 2 sense.

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    • I doubt you can do what you say you do, because if so, you should know who this guy is. He broke a 40 year old world record in powerlifting, raw mind you, and is looking to put up an even higher total.

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  8. Stuart McRobert has written great books and articles on weight training that are very valuable and informative, and which I recommend. He has made an exceptional contribution to the field and has been very helpful for people interested in safely and effectively attaining muscle strength and size. Among his books is an excellent one for lifting technique. More is not always better when it comes to weight training, which many people agree with, including Sylvester Stallone which he mentions in his book Sly Moves. McRobert’s advice is very valuable and will help people avoid overtraining. As he indicates, most people are not genetically gifted with weights, unlike the legendary Steve Reeves for example. Therefore, people with average genetics should not overdo it in the gym with too many sets or exercises, and give themselves adequate rest time. Reeves was able to train with three full body routines a week- most people cannot do this without great overtraining and overtraining is harmful and will make people sick.

    I give Stuart McRobert a lot of credit for his knowledge, advice, experience and vision in weight training. He put a lot of time and effort into writing his books and articles. He advocates gradually progressing to lifting heavier weights on the big, compound exercises, and that is the right way to do it. There is a lot of helpful information in his books and articles.

    You don’t have to do everything exactly the way he says, but can find out what works best for you in the gym. His advice is very useful though and he has a passion for helping people attain their potential with weight training. Doing too much in the gym, like too many sets, will cause overtraining and sickness. Furthermore, low repititions raise your blood pressure a lot and are not healthy for you. They are harmful. They also put a lot of strain on your body and cardiovascular system as well I read. If McRobert advises against them, know that they are unhealthy. In addition, studies have shown that 0.7 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is sufficient to gain muscle mass and strength. Therefore, it is very possible to make good gains with less than one 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

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  9. The author does steroids? What?

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  10. The author is a fucking faggot

    Fuck you you fucking faggot ass cunt. You say my nation is shitfuck and awful but have you ever been to Bulgaria? I think not and if you ever come you should bring at least 20 bodyguards to protect your bitch ass from getting robbed, raped or murdered on sight when you step foot on the street.

    Furthermore your article is garbage and should be titled “10 Reasons I’m a Retarded Jealous Faggot Who Can’t Write And Doesn’t Know Shit About Weightlifting”. Seriously, kill yourself, or better yet come to my country and somebody will do it for you. “Tough guys” like you don’t last out here.

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  11. This is so funny…… Jamie Lewis is a well ranked powerlifter, and lift real weights. Most of you guys are just as idiots as McRobert himself. Period.

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  12. Stuart McRobert is very Knowledgeable .
    And his books are far above most books I have read on bodybuilding.
    Besides that he is a very friendly person and has always answered all the questions that I’ve had in the past.
    I can only say good things about him.

    The fact that he isn’t a famous bodybuilder doesn’t mean he hasn’t got the knowledge to help you out.
    When working out without steroids,you want to workout very intensive ,but also with few sets.
    Less is more in many circumstances.

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    • I think you are absolutely right. I have been training for 60 years and read everything about training that I could get my hands on. I have tried every routine there is and McRobert is absolutely the best and most knowledgeable of all. I am a Hard Gainer and do have genetic limits , but by using his methods I have reached my genetic potential and avoided injury. His books are outstanding and his description of how to do the excercises and the ones to avoid are right on. Sgain , I say this from 60 years of experience. I am 76 years old and can outlift and out train men at least 20 years my junior , and I have been complimented on my physique and condition by many , including my Physician during my annual check-up and by my VA physician during that annual checkup. Stuart and his methods have kept me strong and fit and injury free over the last 20 years and I am thankful to him for that. Ron T

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  13. 10 Reasons Stuart McRobert Can Go Fuck Himself; Jamie Lewis has to be a seriously fucking thick shit or something! Stuart is all about lifting heavy weights but in way you can train till your an old man!
    I would rather train hard and sensibly and not get injuries over the long term than train ultra hard and get injuries thus shortening my training career
    Fucking Assholes like him cause beginners in the gym to injure themselves for no reason and probably end waning to try steroids to get gains

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  14. I have no idea who Stuart McRoberts is but after reading this I’m heading back to my gym for another few sets, already maxed on squats and deadlifts today so bench here I come. FUCK YEAH BITCHES

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  15. Here’s my opinion as well to the author of this – 1 reason you can go fuck yourself – bashing a man that wrote books to help people progress, that’s why

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  16. Could you please put a picture of you? So we all folks can see the “expert” who asserts those invaluable ideas such as warming up is not much necessary.

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  17. I had a great deal of success with the Brawn methodology and then, because I ‘felt like a change’, abused some stupid training ideas (like the ones mentioned by roidy idiot man) and suffered painful joints. I’m using Brawn again now, and getting pain free results again. Mc Robert is a legend!

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  18. You sir, are a total fucktard! You have no clue as to what fuck you are talking about. Nothing. Cant even believe I’m bothering with this.

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  19. You are nothing but an ignorant, please never again write about bodybuilding and such.


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  20. You are a Knob !
    This bloke has forgotten more than you will ever know about training !
    Bet you are on the gear and all sorts of illegal growth shit !
    It wasnt until i stopped over training and listened to this guy that i gained over 20 pounds of solid muscle.
    go get a life you pathetic roid freek !

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  21. Wow, you really are a Bellend. Get off the gear, and try lifting naturally. Maybe once you’ve written several books on training you can criticise Stuart McRobert. Until then take your own idiotic advise and GO FUCK YOURSELF. You steroid fuelled chump.

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  22. Wow this is one of the stupidest 1-10 posts I’ve seen. Aside from the steroid fueled idiocy I would also recommend trying to broaden your vocabulary. You seem to espouse the use of the word ‘espouse’ quite frequently. I’ve seen guys train by the guidelines you suggest and one guy in particular stands out as his knee and elbow ligaments have gone and he’s had surgery and he has a lovely scar from where an ulcer burst in his stomach from doing ‘proper manly’ deadlifts. The body is a great thing, treat it right. I like McRoberts since he recommends training safely and to your limitations. As someone mentioned there’s prob less that 1% of the population who are genetically freaky enough to be albe to train with the same disregard as you seem to enjoy.

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  23. Wow Jamie one day when your testosterone is no longer spewing out of your brain you will be begging to learn about Stuart Mc Roberts techniques. The techniques you buy into work for less than 1% of the population. I will gladly listen to the honesty that applies to the other 99%. Your way would have you crippled with arthritis while Stuarts way would have you training for life. You honestly believe that if Woody Allen would have trained like Arnold Schwarzenegger he would have been able to compete against him. If you do you are an idiot. Anyway I am not going to waste my breath on someone so insignificant. I do pray that you will beg God to forgive you for being so nasty.

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  24. Well fuckstick apparently all you can do is bitch like atypical dumbfuck who hasn’t even read page one. McRobert doesnt reccomend any Nautilus equipment and he is big on Dead lifts and Squats, Dips, Barbell Curls and any massive exercises…. you are a obviously a fucking retard

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    Rating: 4.4/5 (7 votes cast)
    • everyone who is into getting solid size knows who Stuart McRoberts is. On the other hand who the FUCK are you? Thier are hundreds of people who have read his articles for years! You were probaly still in pampers while he was on the scene. You just want more people to go on your website and buy your products! McRoberts sells knoledge you ignorant FUCK.

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